Pet Greens Garden Wheat Grass Self-Grow Kit

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I had bought this a few times and unfortunately for me, it just didn't really work. I find the bag a little too small and where it tells you to cut is too low. My last batch I had to throw out because no matter what I was doing, it wouldn't grow. But when you do get a good batch, it does pretty well. Though I think I'll be sticking with the ones that are already grown! :)
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Pros: It has dirt in the container you just poke holes into the bottom of it.
Cons: You do still need a plate or tray or something to catch the water after.
I buy a ton of cat stuff so I figure let's review some random stuff i've bought for the cats and maybe it'll help someone.

After growing it had a lot of grass so much so that the grass that was growing was fighting for space, I'm assuming that the company puts a lot of seed just in case some seeds die before it gets bought so maybe I got a fresh bag.
The grass was a good darker green and lasted well over a week before even starting to yellow which might have been my fault because I forgot to water it.

It has dirt in the bag and the instructions are to poke holes in the bottom but you are still going to need a plate or something for the water, just in case it drains or you're like me and water it from the bottom.

Cat liked it, so thats what matters. One issue is that the cat easily tipped it over so he usually gave up on grass quickly.