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Pet Food UK AATU 85/15 Cat Food All flavors, 1 kg

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Pet Food UK
  1. Columbine
    "Great food, just a shame about the price."
    Pros - High quality kibble, very appetising
    Cons - Price
    Asha LOVES this kibble, both the Chicken and the Duck varieties. Seems to be a very high quality food. I really like that its both grain and potato free. In fact, there's very little NOT to like. It would be fantastic for cats with allergies too, as it seems pretty pure. A short ingredients list is always a plus in my book!

    The only downside is the price and bag size - the largest pack size is 3kg (and costs around £30 :jaw: ), making it by far the most expensive kibble I've tried. I'll definitely continue to use it (Asha wouldn't forgive me if I didn't :lol3: ), but I'll be using more economical brands too.
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