Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT Automated Pet Feeder For Cats

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Pet Feedster, the innovative automatic pet feeder, beats the competition paws down. We have designed the Pet Feedster to overcome the problems other automatic pet feeders have.With the Pet Feedster, you can rest assured that your pet will receive precisely measured meals at the same time everyday. You'll have peace of mind knowing your pet is happy and healthy.And with today's long work hours and busy schedules, many times our cats and dogs do not receive consistent, portioned feedings. Once you start using the Pet Feedster, you'll wonder how you ever made it with out one.- Is 13.75" x 15" x 17" in size -Easy installation (typically fewer than 20 minutes) -Handles a wide range of food shapes and sizes. -Can dispense up to 6 cups and as low as 1 teaspoon of kibble per meal depending on the size of food -Holds up to 10lbs of pet kibble -Easy to clean dishwasher safe food bowl -Digital timer for precise feeding time -Battery backup in case of power failure -Saves you money and stops food waste -Great for cats, dogs, and other pets -Indoor and outdoor use -Comes with a 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty


Pet Feedster
For Cats - We've revamped the Feedster by adding a chute to prevent kibble theft from stray paws, refining our FlexFeeder to specifically fit the needs of smaller cat foods, and more!
Jam Proof & Ant Proof - Our patented, adjustable FlexFeeder can deliver as little as 1 teaspoon or as much as 6 cups of kibble per serving depending on the size of the kibble. Program up to 5 meals per day, and store up to 10 lbs of food. Food storage area is protected by a water tray at the bottom of the Feedster and prevents ants and other insects from invading the food.
Battery Backup - Works through DC power OR 6 x "D" batteries. This battery backup is exclusive to the Pet Feedster and means you don't have to worry about power failure or your pet accidentally unplugging the Feedster. The Feedster will also save your meal information if unplugged at any time, so no need to re-program.
Easy Setup - Assembles and programs in less than 5 minutes. Easy cleaning with a detachable dishwasher-safe bowl. Measures 19" front to back with bowl, 15" wide, and 16.75" tall.
Piece of Mind - Comes with a 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty for any mechanical or electrical issues. outdoor use, Easy installation (typically fewer than 20 minutes)
Winoe Corporation
Winoe Corporation
Winoe Corporation
Winoe Corporation
Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT Pet Feedster Automated Pet Feeder For Cats
13.75" x 15" x 17"
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Item Height
15 inches
Item Length
13.75 inches
Item Weight
9.5 pounds
Item Width
17 inches
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Pros: reliable amount of food, battery back up, holds lots, sturdy, adjustable, good customer service
Cons: small piece inside breaks, food gets caught between spout and dish, inside hard to clean, programming can be challenging
I have had the Pet Feedster for about 4 years now, and have used it for long periods of that time.  During that time I have had the inside piece that rotates to drop the food down break 2 or 3 times.  It seems to break when I am attempting to change the kibble size (usually when I am taking the piece out or putting it back in).  Once it broke because I had adjusted the size wrong.  Every time this has happened, the customer service has been difficult to get a hold of, but once I do they are attentive and have sent me free part replacements.  The last time I had to pay shipping though, because I'm in Canada, which I feel is understandable.  The most recent replacement piece I received was changed slightly to make it more sturdy.  That was about a year ago, and I have not had a single problem with it, so the change may have made the difference.

One of my complaints with the unit is that the food gets caught between the spout and the dish, as the spout does not overhang enough.  It appears their newer models take care of this problem though, as they have a spout extender now.

The programming button on mine has been challenging.  It requires holding down multiple buttons at a time, and I usually end up laying on the floor so that I can see the pad properly.  If the unit is empty, lifting it up onto the counter works too.  It does light up when you touch it, which is nice, and if you program it right the first time you don't need to fiddle thereafter.  

The inside of the machine can be difficult to clean.  I have had the temptation to take the small piece out, as it pokes  up and makes it hard to get the dust and grime out, but then when I do that small pieces of kibble fall down into the hole that it slides into.  This is a minor complaint though, and I don't know how they could possibly redesign it to make that not happen.  Usually I just wait until it is empty/ hold it upside down and shake it to make sure it's empty and then vacuum it out.

The unit itself is sturdy plastic.  With the 3 cats we have, we have never had it tipped over, nor even close.  It is nice that it has a battery backup, so that if we are gone for a weekend I do not need to worry about the power going out and the cats not having any food.  It also holds lots of food, so I do not have to constantly be worrying about running out.  I have read reviews on other units where they complain that the other units break easily and are unreliable (which is why I bought this unit to begin with).  This unit has kept on going for most of the 4 years we've had it, and when it did break I was able to get replacement parts without too much fuss.  I have never had a problem with the unit not dispensing food.  This unit has gotten me through some times where I really needed it, and I am happy I purchased it despite it being more expensive, as I didn't need to worry when I wasn't there.