PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer

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Pros: Inexpensive
Cons: Noisy and scared my cats
I wanted this product to work.  Neither of my cats like having their nails clipped.  I thought perhaps a grinding tool like this one might do the trick and make the process easier for everyone.  It didn't work out that way.

First, the unit is somewhat noisy.  The manual explains the process to introduce your cat to the product and the sound it generates. I followed the directions.  Still, my cats hated the sound. They fought whenever I turned the trimmer on.  I tried reintroducing several times with minimal luck.

Second, I found the trimmer less effective than conventional clippers.  Perhaps if my cats had warmed up to the sound and not pulled away so frequently, I might have found it more effective.  I ended up tossing the trimmer in the trash. 
Pros: great for dogs
Cons: battery use only
Had no success with cats, received as a gift so tried few times useless, great for dog's

or bird's nail but not cat's claw.  Doesn't make sense, holding paw nail while they

pull away is impossible, prefer a quick straight cut rather than grinding for cats.
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Pros: Doesn't hurt your cat or dog
Cons: takes about 40min to complete nail failing per animal
I have had this for about 4yrs now and my dogs and my cat don't mind it at all.It really helps if you file their nails without the yellow cap on. Also, make sure you have some good batteries because when the batteries run low, the speed on the filer does, too.