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Pawsitively Exhausted Ladies Sleepshirt

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Hatley Womens Sleepwear
  1. raysmyheart
    "This shirt brings a smile to my face!"
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    Pros - adorable design, washes great, very comfy, great length
    Cons - no negative features!
    The adorable design is what drew me to this sleepshirt!   A very tired kitty in her nightgown and fuzzy slippers, just trying to wake up with a cup of coffee!   (The cup shows a pup with caption 'dog tired')!  The shirt says Pawsitively Exhausted!    Poor kitty, she feels just like I do when I get up.

    I have had this shirt for several years now and it has been through many washings.  It is 100% cotton and I am amazed that it has not shrunk!  Has been dried in the dryer, also!  The cotton knit feels very comfy next to the skin and it is a great length, just below my knees.  When I purchased the shirt, there was also a wonderful mug that I bought as a gift.  It matches the shirt.

    I will definitely buy another nightshirt from this label, Hatley.  Of course, it will be none other than a cat-themed shirt, which they do so well! [​IMG]
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