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Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue - MI

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Paws For The Cause
  • Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue was founded in order to keep feral colonies in southeast Michigan safe and preserved while reducing the feral cat population. The rescue does this through TNR (trap, neuter, release). This process involves trapping the cats, getting them neutered, eartipped for identification and vaccinated for rabies, then releasing them back to their territory. This effort also involves providing shelter and food for the cats on a daily basis as well as educating the community on the benefits of TNR versus euthanasia of feral, unadoptable colonies. Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.http://www.pawsforthecauseferalcatrescue.org/(586) 804-PAWS

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  1. lamiatron
    rescue groups confuse me. they do great work, but then don't want to rehome the animals??? i had a lot of trouble adopting a cat from a local rescue group. their justifications was ridiculous. and before it went any further, i  just cut it off. told them good luck and good bye. broke my heart. i had already met the cat, spent some time with her and fell in love...but oh wells :(
  2. stephiedoodle
    Such a sad story it seems such a shame that they got so defensive over your housemate wanting to take Luna to the vet surely this shows a dedication to the animal....
  3. ayeshajae
  4. misssweetkitty
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