Paws & Claws® Traditional Kitty Litter

Tractor Supply Company

General Information

Paws & Claws[emoji]174[/emoji] Traditional Kitty Litter is produced from premium quality natural clay, without the addition of fragrances or other additives.Virtually removes all liquid and solid waste for a fresh, clean, odor free cat litter boxLasts up to 8x longer than ordinary litterPaws & Claws[emoji]174[/emoji] is Tractor Supply Company's exclusive value brand of cat food and litter devoted to keeping your cat healthy and their living space clean and tidy. Paws & Claws[emoji]174[/emoji] cat food has 100% complete and balanced nutrition to support development during all of your cat's life stages and is designed to maintain healthy skin and coats. In addition, the cat litter is designed for easy maintenance and maximum odor absorbency.


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