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Paws and Claws® Scoopable Kitty Litter

Tractor Supply Company

General Information

Simply scoop and toss - odors and mess are easily removed with a simple scoop or two99.9% dust freeMade from natural clayPaws & Claws[emoji]174[/emoji] is Tractor Supply Company's exclusive value brand of cat food and litter devoted to keeping your cat healthy and their living space clean and tidy. Paws & Claws[emoji]174[/emoji] cat food has 100% complete and balanced nutrition to support development during all of your cat's life stages and is designed to maintain healthy skin and coats. In addition, the cat litter is designed for easy maintenance and maximum odor absorbency.

Latest reviews

Pros: Unscented, clumps well, cats like it
This is good litter, does not cost too much, clumps well, does not smell purfumey like some other litter I've tried, and my cat likes it.
Pros: Cheap, clumps OK
Cons: VERY VERY dusty, does not do much for odors
This stuff is cheap, I'll say that. Other than that and it clumps OK but that's it for pros. It's by far the dustiest litter I have ever used. Lilith likes to watch me clean the box for some reason and when I added this litter, it was so dusty, she had a sneezing fit. I had never heard her sneeze before so I was convinced she was deathly ill  
.   As soon as I got her away from the box, she stopped sneezing, jumped down from my arms and pranced off to play. I then realized she had just been sneezing from the cloud of dust the litter gave off and cancelled the call to 911  
.  It also didn't do much as far as odor control goes. 

The cats did not like this litter at all and they usually aren't picky about litter (they save this for food). I ended up using up the bag by mixing it with something else and adding it to the box in a well ventilated area but I won't buy it again.  
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Pros: no heavy perfume , great price
Cons: It is dusty ..
This is ok  cat litter ..    It  is unscented .  It does clump good as well .. I would not buy this again ..


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