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OurPets Durapet Bowl Cat Dish

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  1. ChaoticEva
    "I use the slow feeder, but love the product!"
    I do not use the product in this review, but I do use their other bowl ; OurPets Durapet Slow feeder (in the size small)
    It is by far the best slow feeder I've bought! My old man, Oscar, loves to eat super fast and then throw everything back up. We've tried lots of slow feeders in the years, but found this one to work the best!
    You can find the culprit of needing a slow feeder in the picture below! I'm happy that he's no longer throwing up due to him eating too quickly. If he's a happy kitty, so am I!! 16406849_10158121207255524_8823318705373007009_n.jpg
  2. 2cats4me
    "Great dish .."
    We use this for one of water dishes . It is shallow and flat and plenty of whisker room ..
  3. draco
    Pros - Easy to clean!
    Cons - None!
    This bowl has a rubber grip on the bottom to prevent it from skidding across the floor. It's shallow and perfect to keep the whiskers from touching the sides. It's easy to clean, and unlike plastic, it does not harbor bacteria as long as you clean. Dishwasher safe too!
  4. micknsnicks2mom
    "The Perfect Food Dish"
    Purchase Date:
    May 3, 2010
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - stainless steel, bonded rubber ring, dishwasher safe, very durable
    Cons - i haven't found any
    i bought a series of these food dishes in different sizes for my cats several years ago. i absolutely love these dishes!

    they're stainless steel with bonded rubber rings on the bottom. the rubber rings prevent the dishes from sliding around while the cats are eating. these dishes get washed, soaked in hot soapy water, run through the dishwasher -- all on a regular basis. the rubber rings look and feel like new, no drying out or cracking of them, and they're still completely attached to the bottom of the dishes after 4+ years of daily use. i've made some slight scratches in the dishes, from serving up my cats meals. the stainless steel remains shiny and there's no sign/not even a speck of rust on the dishes. i've dropped them many times and have never dented the dishes.

    i feel these dishes are simple, functional, yet attractive. they've held up very well for years so far, and i fully expect to get many more years use out of them.

    the price is very reasonable for these durable food dishes.