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Pros: The best quality dry food you can get
Cons: Expensive, and still dry food for people who feed wet-only/ raw diets
My cat Ryu has been through a bit of stomach issues. After reading so many amazing reviews online and listening to advice about shifting cats to wet only, I tried that with him. To say the least, he began having diarrhea (what looked like a gunky substance in his litterbox), his poop and pee started to stink like hell within a week of completely cleaning the box with bleach. He began putting on weight even with measured quantities and was groggy.

I then decided to buy Orijen for him, purchasing a small trial bag that lasted about two weeks. Even though he didn't like it (he wanted his wet food) he ate it, and his health improved at once. His box stopped stinking, his stomach set and he became more active while losing the extra kilo he'd put on.

While I'd suggest you also supplement it with a good quality wet food, Orijen is now his main food, no matter how expensive it is. I'm done compromising on quality and listening to opinions that destroyed my cat's health. Listen to your cat and only your cat, they generally know what's best for them.
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Pros: high quality
Cons: 10% vegetables, dry food, expensive
I bought this for my cat who is going to be in boarding for a maximum of two weeks. I like how you can smell the quality as soon as you open the bag, but dislike how it gives off this powdery residue on your hands if you touch it. My cat seems to like it a lot, almost as much as he likes his Ziwi Peak (then again he isn't really a picky cat). I doubt I'll be buying this in any size bigger than their current 4.5lb (their smallest aside from trial size) due to the price. A 13lb can easily cost you around $60 at my local pet store. It's manufactured in Kentucky rather than Canada, though I think the Canadian version is better than US one. Needless to say, I'll be giving this to my cat when needed as he's mostly wet/raw diet.
Pros: Super high quality
Cons: It's dry food and it's expensive
My cats want to eat dry food. I don't want them to eat dry food. I think that a wet only diet is much better for them. Unfortunately, they are very picky eaters so we compromise. I give them a mostly wet food diet with some dry as an occasional topper when they are being fussy or as a snack. If I have to compromise and give them some dry, I want it to be the highest quality. In comes the Orijen. They like the taste, I like the quality. The price is kind of scary but manageable since it is not the bulk of their diet and a 5 pound bag lasts us a while. If your cats eat like mine do, give it a try
Pros: High quality, high protein, no useless filters, no grains
Cons: still dry food
Me and Mew absolutely love the Orijen dry food! Chicken is his favorite and he goes crazy over it! Orijen and Acana are one of the best dry foods available for cats with Orijen being better with higher protein/meat content. Orijen doesn't have the useless filters or other ingredients that other dry foods have. It's real good quality ingredients.Orijen is more expensive than most dry foods, but I think it's worth the price, especially since the dry food lasts a lot longer. Mew eats less Orijen than other dry food brands because it's made of high quality ingredients. Since switching Mew to Orijen, his fur is much better, he doesn't have as many hair balls, he's healthier, and he has a lot more energy!
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