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Olmsted Falls Cat Rescue - OH

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Olmsted Falls

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  1. jenniferw1
    Your not the first person I have heard this from.  I've only had one dealing with her last summer. She was extemely rude.  From the outside looking in from the posts on FB she does not do anything for herself. She wants everyone else to foster, everyone to drive for her. I see what you mean about the recognition part.  She blasts the APL yet uses them to fix her cats. She is doing more harm than good and rescue work should not be like that. 
  2. msasheaves
  3. msasheaves
    Probably. She asked me and the other girl who left a positive review to leave nice comments due to the one negative one. I can't believe I put up with her crap for so long. She's not in it for the animals, she wants the recognition. She marked all the cats I am fostering to adopted on adoptapet which cost them good homes. I had to make my own account.
  4. blborgia
    I am the founder of Olmsted Falls Cat Rescue that is being slandered here- "devoted to cats" has never seen a cat from our rescue, so she lies saying they are in poor condition. I have actual screenshots of the messages exchanged with "devoted to cats" aka Gypsy Llyn (that's not even her real name), that I copied and pasted above.

    YES I changed my mind about using her for a foster, and as you can see, I did so politely. I was given a very hard time by her. I decided that bringing someone on board who was being so confrontational with me over the telephone because I couldn't drive my broken down vehicle to her home wasn't a good idea. We need TEAM PLAYERS. However, as a professional I didn't respond to her negativity over the telephone and later notified her I would not be utilizing her as a foster. That is my right, since these kittens and cats I take in are my responsibility. I, ALONE, HAVE RESCUED ALL THESE CATS SINCE 2009 - I HAVE PAID TO HAVE HUNDREDS OF CATS SPAYED/NEUTERED, VACCINATED, TREATED FOR INJURIES - I HAVE PAID TO FEED THEM, BUY CAT LITTER ETC. I also work two full time jobs. Only recently did I try to bring people on board to help. I am utterly disgusted that just because I turned her down for fostering she would slander my rescue this way.

    "Devoted to Cats" never received a crazy message from me. I found out about this "rating" she did this morning and wrote to her to let her know how awful I thought it was that she would do such a dishonest thing. I have screenshots of that too. Our facebook and websites are very active with what we do so feel free to check that out. No one devoted to cats slanders a rescue and compromises those animals finding homes by stating they're in "poor health." I can prove what I am saying, but I assure you, "devoted to cats" can not.
  5. blborgia
    Brandi Lynn Borgia
    I saw your text. that's fine. however i'm not sure what is so confusing. Heidi was late, and I can't be in Lakewood, Wellington, and Olmsted Falls in the matter of an hour or so. When I wrote to tell you that I said you could either come get them, or wait until I have a car to use. Certainly I can't help my car really shouldn't be driven. There are issues with it, and now a recall. Its being towed to my family's business. My son isn't in town today so I couldnt make a promise of today to bring them. I'm sorry you are confused, I did my best to be straight forward and explain options. I've run this rescue single handed since 2009 and only in 2013 began having fosters. I've found it difficult because I cant seem to count on everyone to do their part all the time. Fosters must be able to pick up supplies, take their cats to adoption events, and a vet appointment. It's not possible for me to do that for every single foster. Everyone has to do their part in order for this to function and grow. I'm concerned now because if picking the kittens up cant be done after u said you could, it seems you would have a hard time fostering that many-- when its time to entertain and meet potential adopters that would be difficult for you with 7. I appreciate your interest and am sorry Heidi was late. Turns out the Michelangelo adopter got here at 10 while I was gone... so in truth, I shouldn't have even tried to do so much this morning. I could have got it all done, but when others are involved you can't control their actions.
    Gypsy Llyn
    4/26, 11:24am
    Gypsy Llyn
    I understand that thjings were not going as you planned this morning. It must have been very stressful for you. I was waiting for the address to come and pick them up...you never sent it to me...that was all. So I knew that you had a hectic schedule today and may have been reluctant to hand over kittens to a stranger without checking out where they were going to be living, so I figured it would be easier on you(given all of the stress you are under) to drop them off when you can. My apologies if you found anything offensive in my words or actions. I am an extremely capable and experienced foster. I am sorry you are having doubts at this point and it makes me very sad, but perhaps our communication was not the best due to the extreme circumstances.
    Gypsy Llyn
    4/26, 11:30am
    Gypsy Llyn
    I would still love to foster these babies and was figuring things would just work out later today when you weren't feeling so frazzled. However, as you said, we cannot control the actions of others and if you feel uncomfortable fostering them with me at this point, then I apologize again. But the option is still open if you feel so inclined to give us a chance.
  6. devoted2cats
    As a post script, I never had any contact with her after  this incident. I checked her out with some contacts at other rescues in the area, and they all had the same opinion. Apparently she has quite a reputation in the area for being "unstable". Based on those feedbacks, I left that situation alone and just never had any other contact with her. I went on to become a foster mom for PAWS Ohio and I am happy being able to work with them as a foster mom. This morning, I woke up to a 4 page rant in my Facebook messages from her ... Out of the blue.. because she saw what I wrote here. I think that maybe it was a good thing that I never had contact with her again. Her "rescue" is NOT a listed rescue and the Facebook page for it has absolutely no activity at all. I too am worried about the cats in her care now, and hope that (like some of the best of us) she is better with the animals than she seems to be with people.
    As another side note, we adopted 3 fosters from one litter we rescued with PAWS...Black male twins(Arthur Pendragon II and his brother Uther Pendragon) and their sister (Guinevere) who is black and white. They healed the hole left by Arthur Pendragon I's passing and we are proud to have played a part in their rescue. They were born on 4/27/14 and were 3 days old when we rescued them(via PAWS) from a balcony in an apartment complex in Parma, Ohio. The mother was feral. We love them deeply and they are treated like royalty.
  7. catsknowme
    My prayers go out for that poor mama kitty & babies - it would be a godsend to be in your home where she and her little ones would find safety and security and much love.  I worry that her good intentions are crossing a line and she is losing her trust in others' abilities to care for animals as well (if not better) than she - too often, that is how a "hoarding" situation can begin.  I do hope that she either has a change in heart or that the mama kitty finds a good foster placement elsewhere.
    Bless you in your efforts to foster cats - I am hoping that you will soon be fostering very soon!!
  8. loopycann
    What an awful situation.As cat woman stated what a terrible loss not to have you as part of her rescue.Sometimes it's true that a kind heart dosent mean a clear mind to be able to do all that's needed in rescue.I applaud anyone that's successful.I myself can barely keep my own population down.Please don't let this discourage your valuable work.godbless you for all you help.
  9. catwoman707
    This sounds sad to me, she obviously has a good, generous heart, as anyone who rescues does, but think she is doing too much all on her own, and needs a partner at least to divide all of her activities up with.
    She needs some serious organization and some real guidance from other strong, successful rescues.
    (like mine is!!) Proud of it too :)
    You seem to be a very understanding patient, and knowledgeable  person, it's her loss that you won't be a part of her rescue.
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