OFCUS Organicfuls Cat Treats - Urinary Tract Support


General Information

A delicious combination of Salmon, Cranberries and Flax. Fortified with our proprietary cranberry extract and three Omega-3’s in our patented ingrained flax.

Latest reviews

Pros: Inexpensive, Cats love it, Smells delicious, Made in the U.S.A, Appear to have good ingredients/natural
Cons: Limited selections, depending on the cats taste and/or health assistance.
As mentioned already in the pros, it is inexpensive, cats really enjoy it and smells really good! Would almost be tempted to have some myself! Easy to find and pick up too, as it is carried by Walmart. Surprised to see a relatively decent product line at such a location, admittedly. 

Certified organic apparently, for those who prefer.

So far what is available in terms of flavours and types:

Salmon (Urinary Tract Support)

Whitefish (Urinary Tract Support)

Salmon (Skin and Coat, Hairball Support)

Whitefish (Skin and Coat, Hairball Support)

It's a small selection for cats, whether or not that matters to others, listed it in the cons just in case. Mayhaps it may expand further some day, as it appears to be a newer line by a relatively new company.

Organicfuls is by Pipeline Pet Products, whom I don't know much about at the moment, but so far seem to be alright. 

In any case, so far so good, the cats find it super tasty!



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