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Odour Buster Cat Litter ONCE A WEEK - CLUMPING.Odour Buster is made from premium-grade clumping clay with no chemical additives or synthetic perfumes. Our fine, dust-free formula is made only with organic ingredients from agricultural produce – so it’s completely safe for your cat, your home and the environment.

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Pros: Odor less, long lasting, good clumping
Cons: Expensive, but worth it
I have 2 cats and have tried pretty much everything - regular litter, clumping litter, newspaper based litter, pine based litter, dried corn litter, litterrobot, self cleaning litter pans, etc. this is the best product out there. It's a bit pricey - 14.99 for 38 pounds but well worth it. Plus, the cats seem to like it as I don't have issues with them peeing in inappropriate places anymore. Some granules will track from their paws, but easily remedied with a mat or old rug for them to step onto exiting the pan.
Cons: extremely dusty
I used to love this litter when I first started using it. There was literally no dust, it clumped well, and did not track. In recent months something has changed. It creates clouds of dust and doesn't clump as well.  I am so disappointed that I am now searching for a new, low-dust litter.
Pros: Eliminates odours, clumps well, low maintenance.
Cons: A little messy.
I LOVE this litter! I have tried the Arm and Hammer, Purina, and the crystals. So far, this is by far my favorite. This clumps extremely well, eliminates odours. I live in a condo (apartment style) and I honestly can't smell it. This stuff is fantastic!


Best litter I have found since Purina discontinued Max Cat. Fine grain, my cats hate hard kernel litter and boycotted Worlds Best Cat Litter totally. No dust, clumps well, made in Canada, hooray! Very happy with it, will be looking for website deals to buy. Only con is wish it came in an easy carry bucket instead of heavy bag!