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OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive

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  • OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive enhances your existing pet litter. Just scoop or sprinkle some of the litter odor elimination formulation right on top of the litter box to extend the time until the next change or even mix it in when you change the litter. OdorKlenz Pet Litter additive works immediately to remove litter box odors on existing litter without the use of harsh chemicals or fragrances.

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  1. IndyJones
    Personally I don't like these products. I've heard they cause problems for people with asthma and they can cause cats to break house training.
    1. OdorKlenz
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on our OdorKlenz products. Our earth mineral technology does not contain any fragrances or toxic chemicals making it safe for everyone, especially those with Asthma, Allergies, and Environmental illnesses. In fact, our technology is widely used in Military applications, government laboratories, schools, hospitals, and comes highly recommended by Naturopathic Physicians and Environmentalist.
      OdorKlenz, Jun 21, 2017
    2. OdorKlenz
      In regards to breaking house training habits or practices, I believe you may have our technology confused with enzymes which can deter cats from wanting to enter the litter box. We have never received any reports of this type of behavior from cats and if you have any information to validate that claim, we would love to hear about it and address it openly. If you have any questions or feedback we are always available by phone at 239-330-9650 or email [email protected]
      OdorKlenz, Jun 21, 2017
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