NylaBone Cat Play Crinkle & Rattle Floppy Fred

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Pros: Four crinkly arms to chew on, a bell rattles in one leg, and feathers galore! Fun to snooze with, too.
Cons: Floppy Fred's "hair" does not grow back. A human stepped on Fred's leg and broke the bell-rattle, which appears to have been plastic and not metal - so that's a negative.
My cat Milly loves Floppy Fred, mainly because she has washed his "hair" several times a week for over a year. She aspires to be a "Hair" (feather) Stylist. Fred's four(!) arms are situated perfectly for a cat to hold this toy in her front paws and bathe his hair.

This was his first hair wash:

This is Fred after a hair wash now, with a pixie-style feather cut:

When he's not at the Stylist's, he sleeps around the house (he is not a side-sleeper).

Once Fred is bald, we might have to open him up and inject some new catnip, or Milly will lose interest. What's a Cat Stylist to do?!