Nylabone Advanced Oral Cat Dental kit

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This is what we started with when we were first brushing our cats' teeth. We needed something that we would be able to use to start them off right away since one of the cats had gums that were swelling. This was a great basic kit with everything that we needed. Not sure what the toothpaste is meant to taste like, but the cats don't seem to picky about the flavor overall. They are patient with their teeth being brushed. We only use the finger brush from this kit, the actual toothbrush was too hard to work with.
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Pros: toothpaste smells nice, comes with finger brush and toothbrush
I really like this set. I bought it because CET wasn't available at my local pet store. I was expecting something meat-flavoured or meat-scented to entice the cats, but was pleasantly surprised when the scent was slightly vanilla. That is definitely something I can get on board with. It leaves our cat's breath with a hint of sweet vanilla - much better than cat food breath!

I started off introducing it to our younger cat by letting her lick the toothpaste off of my finger, and then giving her a treat, and then transitioned to licking it off the toothbrush. I really, really like that this comes with both a finger brush and a toothbrush because the former lets you get more into brushing your cat's teeth because you can feel where you're brushing and with what pressure through your finger, whereas the latter distances hands and protects your finger with fidgety or anxious cats who may (accidentally) get a nip into unsuspecting hands. Also, since we have two cats, we use the finger brush for one and the toothbrush for the other. Even though they're both cats, my mind rests a little easier when they're not sharing toothbrushes.

It lasts a long time and is readily available, so I will be repurchasing once our first tube is finished.