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Nulo MedalSeries Dry Cat Food

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  1. xisare
    "Very good food, high quality ingredients"
    Pros - Good Proteins, very few veggies, my cat loves it
    Cons - Only available at Petsmart
    We found this food looking for a high quality dry food for Akodo, after we decided to switch out from Blue Buffalo

    At the price it was I did not trust it much, it is fairly inexpensive. But the ingredient list surpirsed me so we decided t give it a shot.

    Akodo loves it, he would come running every time we open the bag and start demanding his meal.

    Is not smelly, it does not give him smells. I've seen that he is even shedding a bit less since we started two months ago. Also is pretty dense in calories, so for a 10 lb cat we only feed him 1/2 a cup a day, half in the morning and half in the evening. We have controlled his weight and he's been stable at 10 lbs

    we only have tried the medal indoor recipe (black and red bag). But if needed I'd rather try another varierty of this brand than other brand.

    the only bad thing is that is only sold at Petsmarts, so you need to shop with them.

    All in all, very good food at very good price!
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