Nulo FreeStyle Grain Free Canned Cat Food - Various Recipes/Flavors

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  1. MeganLLB
    "Too much fish and expensive"
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    Jan 1, 2017
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    Pros - no grains, not too many fillers, quality ingredients
    Cons - every flavor has a fish protein in it
    I bought this for my cat for a long time and she liked it. But I became concerned about every single formula having a fish protein in it. As I began introducing new brands into my rotation, she no longer would eat the Nulo. I also think it is a bit expensive, especially the small cans. They are not a good deal.
  2. kkoerner
    "Good food."
    Pros - Grain free, good ingredients, cat loves
    Cons - Recipes have fish, limited availability
    This is one of my cats favorite food. He ate this like it was candy and seems like it would be a good food for picky cats! We use the turkey/chicken recipe, which does have some fish, though it is not the main protien. The "freestyle" and "medal series" are the same ingredients. Thisnone, freestyle is sold by independent pet stores and online.
  3. faeleen
    "High Quality and Hard to Beat!"
    Pros - Made in the USA, No carrageenan, All-Stages
    Cons - Limited availability, Only pate recipes
    I purchase the Turkey/Chicken, Chicken/Herring and Beef/Lamb and my picky cats really love them. Smell is not powerful and product has been consistent. They all do contain some fish and only come in pate. However, the fact that they are grain-free and without artificial flavors, colors or flavoring make it a great option. Overall, this will always be a staple food for my kitties!