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No Name Scoopable Clumping Litter

No name

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Unscented.Available in Canada at No Frills stores.

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Pros: sorry, there is nothing positive.
Cons: Does Not Clump
Well I don't know what to say, tried this product for the first time and it simply did not work. It did not clump. I almost did not believe it, I had to go back to the container to make sure I didn't buy something else by mistake. How can a litter not clump my cat's pee. It just broke apart and I could not collect anything. Must be defective. I cannot even give a half star as this is way too aggravating, but the system made me give half a star.
5.00 star(s)
Pros: clumps, readily available, cheap
Cons: smells, dusty
This is a litter that you might have to get in a pinch in a grocery store or something, and if it's short-term use or mixed in with something else, it works. It clumps and the cats can pee and poop on it, so it does its job. It is, however, extremely dusty. The clay is in big pieces, so it doesn't sift well in our scoop and we end up tossing a bunch of extra clay. It looks and feels coarse, so it seems uncomfortable on the cats' paws, and if they jump out of the box quickly, a LOT gets kicked out with them. The dust doesn't help the smell of it, which I find really bad. There are lots of litters that have no scent or a better "natural" scent than this. I can't tolerate scooping this litter because it gets as dusty and smelly as it does, and it doesn't seem to absorb the urine odour as well.
3.00 star(s)
Pros: Inexpensive, clumps well
Cons: Cheap packaging for the plastic bag version, odor control so-so, a bit dusty
This is a reasonable product - The scented version smells nice but not very strong, odor control isn't the best, clumping ability is good, and the cost is lower than many other brands.

The handle container version that you see in the photo is great, easy to carry, pour and store. However, whenever I get the one where it is in a plastic bag, the bag tends to rip or get holes in it, so bits of litter leak. The handle it offers is not comfortable. Annoying to carry and store.
It is also a bit on the dusty side.

If you are in a budget, require a moment of easy accessibility, or need to pick something up in a hurry, this product can do the trick. I can easily get it at Walmart, No frills and Superstore (I live in Ontario, Can).

Altogether, I'm fairly impressed with this litter. Normally I don't like No-Name products and find the quality low, but this sort of surpassed the norm. Again, it won't be the most amazing litter out there, but it is not the worst.

I'm not using it as my main cat litter, but have used it on and off.

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