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Pros: Very attractive cats with very loveable personalities
Cons: Health
Ive bought two cats from Nightmist. And while I find their cats absolutely beautiful, both cats have had health problems, were malnourished and one cat died bc of a bowel deformation and my second cat has asthma and colitis!


I bought my beautiful abyssinian from Susan a year ago, and a week after he came into my home, my other cat got ringworm around his eye. From day one, the kitten had foul smelling diarrhea, and a year later, he still has it. I suspect it's tritrichomonas foetus, which is expensive to treat and hard to detect. I'm incredibly disheartened by all of this, because the breeders seemed like nice people, but after commenting about this issue on their facebook page, I was immediately blocked with no explanation or response.

I did some research and found a blog post that someone else here has linked and was stunned. There were dozens of people in the comments section, all having the same issues with their abyssinians. These cats are so affectionate and lovable, the fact that the breeder is knowingly bringing kittens into an infected home and then selling them for close to $1000 makes me sick. These poor cats and these poor people... It's just terrible. Why is the SPCA doing nothing despite the numerous complaints? Why are these people still in business?