[New] PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge (White) - Can Fit Up to 4 Adult Cats

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Pros: Aesthetically pleasing, used as a cat bed, scratcher, play area, great for any size cat!
Cons: Pricey
I got this as a combined Christmas & birthday gift for my two cats recently (Dec 2104). So far, they are loving it! Both my cats love to play and lounge around on it, and yesterday, I did see my female kitty start scratching away right after awakening from her nap!

It would work best if you place it near a low window or sliding glass door, so they could birdwatch, or right under a sunbeam to soak in the sun. If you have two or more cats, this scratcher is ideal because there is more space (in the middle) than the original infinity-style lounge. My two are about 10 lbs each, and can comfortably lay inside or on top, too. It's very well made, from condensed and sturdy cardboard so you don't have to worry about replacing it frequently like other typical cardboard scratchers on the market. It's also a lot better looking than a post in your living space, and because it's used as a play area, bed/lounge, and scratcher, I think it's worth it. What makes my cats happy makes me happy in the end, too.

Downside--it's expensive! As I said, it was a combined b-day and Christmas gift for my two cats. It's a splurge, but I didn't have a large scratcher for them either, besides their cat tree post which doesn't get used very often for some reason.