Neko Atsume - Kitty Collector

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Pros: cute, simple, easy to play, casual
This game is free to play and recently released an English version to appease the growing western market. It's really easy to play and doesn't require a lot of time or dedication. It's really as easy as open the app, put some food out, put some toys out, go away for a while, and come back to either see cats in your yard or see fish the cats have left you. Fish is the currency to buy more food, more toys, to extend the area the cats can use, or to change the theme of your home. I love the variety of cats and they all have their own personality traits and trinkets to leave for you if they feel you've been a good host to them for their repeat visits. There are special cats that are more rare or attracted to specific objects and many find them very rewarding to see. Very cute and simplistic art style, very simplistic gameplay, and the perfect casual game for any crazy cat person.