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Nature's Variety Canned Cat Food, Instinct Formula

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Nature's Variety
  1. Merlin77
    "Cats Like It"
    Purchase Date:
    Oct 4, 2017
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Not the most expensive
    Cats like it
    Looks good
    Great ingredients
    Cons - Still Expensive
    Cat food is very expensive, but this one is high enough quality to allow for that. The cats like it, and I enjoy feeding to them. I feel like the caloric contents should be higher, but maybe that is because my cats run around too much for their own good and have to eat tons of food.
  2. emandjee
    "Rabbit, Venison, Duck, Beef flavors"
    Pros - Great varieties of different protein, high quality, grain-free, cats love
    Cons - Minimal amount of whole peas, diced carrots in can, pricey
    I buy these four proteins and rotate them, along with other brands that also include chicken and turkey products. I just don't want my cats to eat too much of one protein, so I look for other brands like NV to rotate with. I like NV Instinct because as one reviewer also noted, the large 13.2 oz cans in the dog section is the same formulation for felines, so I buy the big cans to save some money. My cats seem to like all the varieties except lamb, but I don't think it's exclusive to NV. I also like that it's grain-free and their rabbits are no longer sourced from China. My two cat's favorite flavors include rabbit, duck, and venison proteins, which is why I like buying this product. Not many others offer this much variety in proteins, it's usually chicken, turkey, and fish flavors that I frequently see. If you have a cat with IBD or food allergies, it also has some flavors in LID (limited ingredient diet) types, too.

    The only negative thing I found is that I don't like the added peas and diced carrots as I do not believe felines can properly digest and metabolize plant based ingredients, but they are whole and I can easily pick them out as I dish them onto their plates. It's also more on the expensive side as all NV products are, but again, that is why I buy the large doggie cans instead. 
  3. ruaryx
    "Good canned"
    Pros - Not too expensive, grain free, healthy
    My cat likes this food although she's not too picky.  We use it in rotation so that she doesn't get bored.  I feel good feeding her a healthy food that is not too expensive.  
  4. slykat12
    "Looks like great Quality but my cat won't eat two flavors."
    Pros - No Carragean, No grains, LID line
    Cons - Taste
    When I got my new kitten Whitney I had leftover cat food from my previous baby. I had raw, dry and canned Natures Variety Instinct. This review is ONLY for the Canned. Regarding the Chicken and Duck flavor Whitney will not eat them!!!! She will go a full 24 hours of starving herself rather than eat them. But she likes the Pork! A lot!  Go figure! Just wanted to tell you all do not buy a case or two like I did as I made a pricey mistake. 
  5. franksmom
    "Good food that my cats will eat"
    Pros - has gravey, cats seem to like it
    Cons - some veggies
    I have been transitioning my one very picky eater to all wet food and I also have a kitten who isn't too picky but has picked up on my other cat's bad habits. I had great success with the pride version of nature's variety but wasn't crazy about the high amount of spinach in it.The instinct still has veggies in it but not spinach so I thought I would try to see if they would eat it.  My cats do not like pate but for some reason like this food, I think it may be because it has gravy in it.
  6. catmom1
    "some things ARE too good to be true"
    Pros - grain free, high protein good for young cats and kittens
    Cons - too high protein for older cats and any cat in renal failure, very expensive
    It's kinda sad that so many cat foods that one could buy in a store (other than vet office) don't have warnings for cats in renal failure about the high protein. I consider it to be a disservice.
  7. mewlittle
    "its okay"
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 5, 2012
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - grain free, good for all cats
    Cons - price
    all my cats had this not long ago and all but one liked it I may or may not buy it again

    it costed me 1.99 per can and i bought 7 making it around 14 bucks too pricy
  8. venuskitty
    "Can't wait!"
    Purchase Date:
    Nov 16, 2012
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Healthy, grain free
    Cons - Not used to wet food yet
    Venus is on the dry version of this but I bought the wet version yesterday in hopes that I could introduce that- I know it is closer to her natural diet and all. Looking forward to it.
  9. bowie
    "My Kitties love it!"
    My kitties love this food.  The only thing I don't like about this company is that the dog and cat food is the exact same formula. ( I emailed them to find out).  So if you like the larger cans of food you can just buy the dog.
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