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Natures Miracle Advanced Oval Hooded Litter Box

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  1. nalabean
    "Great litterbox!"
    Purchase Date:
    Aug 30, 2016
    Pros - Sturdy
    Good odor control with charcoal filter
    I've owned this litterbox for about a year and love it! It is extremely spacious, and combined with a good odor-controlling litter (I use TidyCats Instant Action) with the charcoal filter I rarely smell the "litterbox smell" even in my small apartment!

    Even though I only own one cat, this could definitely be an ideal litterbox for multi-cat households. Although it does take up some more square footage since it is a larger litterbox, I think it is definitely worth it.

    The plastic is not flimsy, but I would not recommend lifting it up by the lid only just incase one of the clips would fail due to weight of the litter inside (hasn't happened to me, but have read this happened in past reviews; pick it up at the sides!)
  2. lamiatron
    "Great Litter Box"
    Pros - Spacious Inside, Top cover is Opaque, High Sides
    Cons - top cover should have a handle
    Recently purchased this item. Both my cats are out growing their previous litter box. I initially was going to buy huge clear storage bins, but I saw this at Petsmart and i liked it. I was looking for something with a clear or translucent cover or opaque cover, and this one fit the bill. Don't let the picture fool you. The litter box is not dark on the inside, the top cover is made from a very thin plastic material, and it is opaque, it lets A LOT of light in. and it is VERY spacious inside. 

    When buying this, a customer at the store walked by and saw me, and they highly recommended it. They mentioned the plastic was slick and prevents clumped up litter from sticking to the sides, and its really true. Although i plan on buying a liner (disposable litter box) and placing it inside, I don't think I would need to. 

    My only gripe, is that the top cover should really have a handle or something. it clips on great, and is not flimsy, but its a bit of a hassle taking it off and on when cleaning out the box, a hassle in the sense that its a bit awkward moving it without a handle. but that's about it. I've had this for like 1 day and I love it. Both my kitties love it. They have so much more room now. its great.