Natures Menu - Complete & Balanced Raw Bite-Size Nuggets (various flavors)

Natures Menu

General Information

Natures Menu is the first naturally balanced complete raw cat food made from great quality British meats. Nutritious Chicken and Duck meats have been carefully blended into simple easy to serve nuggets of pure meaty joy to satisfy your cats natural instinct for fresh food.Made with the correct balance of nutrition including natural taurine, containing real cranberries, grape seed and green tea extract to ensure your cats overall health and well-being.

Latest reviews

Pros: Small nuggets defrost quickly and make for easy portioning
Cons: Expensive compared to many other commercial raw options
I was so excited to get Asha on this food. It really is the easiest way to start - no faffing with defrosting a big block of food before you even know if your cat likes it.

I was certain this would be an easy transition. After all, Asha was already eating (and loving) the freeze dried version. Sadly, I was wrong. Asha never really took to this food (though it wasn't for want of trying on my part ;) ), and in the end I reluctantly gave up the fight.

I still think it's a great food though, and one of the best options for a raw feeding newbie.


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