Nature's Harvest Duck Pate

Nature's Harvest

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Formulated for maintenance of healthy adult cats. High quality duck, chicken and whole eggs provide an ideal balance of biologically available amino acids for maintenance of the immune system, cognition, joints and skin & coat.

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3.00 star(s)
3.00 star(s)
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March, 2020
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Pros: Sourced in Canada. My cat likes it. Good price.
Cons: Low protein, high carb.
Many "healthy" cat foods have things in common. They have high quality ingredients like meat (vs. by-product). They don't have artificial flavors or colors, nor controversial ingredients like artificial vitamin K. However, they also have some ingredients which are healthy but only for people: peas, lentils, potatoes sweet or not, vegetables, fruits. I have purchased 3 flavors of this brand, Chicken, Duck and Turkey, all pate. The calorie contents are between 321 and 343 kcal per 369g can. It is on the low end and indicating high carb.
Overall, I give it "ok" and use it for occasional rotation, similar frequency like I eat pizza or burger.


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