Mighty Raw Chicken & Duck Treats

Mighty Raw Australia Pty Ltd
Pros: No nasties (or at least not what I consider to be inappropriate) and obviously delicious.
Cons: Only available in Australia so far
This is the 'blurb':
Grain-Free & Biologically Appropriate[emoji]8482[/emoji] Treats specifically for Adult Cats using quality ingredients sourced from local 'Aussie' farms.
65% Chicken and Duck meat, 35% Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs, 0% Grains.

There seems to have been a lot of research put  into creating these treats and I'm impressed with the ingredients which are extensive and natural.  There are no chemical additives such as colouring and they use actual meat. I don't have a problem with the vegetable components. 

Most importantly, my cats just love them, and they are super picky!