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Once installed, these shelves are great place for kitties to view the room from high above with a commanding view. This perspective will make your kitty more comfortable. These shelves also are ideal for escaping from any dogs, small children or vacuuming in your house.

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Pros: reasonably priced, shipping included in prices, very attractive looking, very sturdy, choices of carpet colors for over the shelves
mewcorp is one of my favorite sellers on etsy dot com. this is partly because of the very reasonable prices (which have shipping, within the US, included in the prices), and partly because i know that when i mount these cat shelves to studs on my walls they're going to stay securely mounted. over the last year i've bought 28 individual cat shelves, including one "carpeted cat hallway rope bridge for shelves", from mewcorp. my orders have always arrived quickly, and i've never had any problem with any of the cat shelves i've bought. the shelves with mounting hardware arrive in a carefully packed box, with the hardware labeled as to which set (of shelves) it goes with (if, like me, you order more than one set of cat shelves). these shelves are handmade, and the undersides of the cat shelves are painted white, so they're "finished" looking. my snick has used her first seven cat shelves from mewcorp every day for about a year, and never had them feel anything but sturdy and well secured to the walls. there's a choice of carpeting colors to choose from. the carpeting on my snick's shelves look brand new still, and hasn't come loose or show any wear at all.

i used a level when mounting the shelves, though in my 1880's house level is "relative". mounting the shelves was pretty easy and quick. the part that took the longest was locating the studs (which i did before the shelves arrived) and deciding on the exact spacing for them (distances between them and heights that my snick would need to jump from one to another of them).

the prices for these cat shelves includes shipping (within the US). mewcorp's prices are the most reasonable i've found for sturdy, well-made, and attractive cat shelves -- and i'm searching the internet for cat furniture on a regular basis.
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