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Merrick Purrfect Bistro Canned Cat Food - Various Flavors

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  1. chaoticeva
    "Pretty good, though inconsistent with the products"
    Pros - Cat's love it, even the difficult ones
    Lots of flavours
    Different types (Minced, pate, morsels)
    Meat packed
    Cons - A little expensive
    Not very consistent with the products quality
    It has carrageenan
    I used to feed only this to my cats, which they loved. Unfortunately, when Purina bought the company, things changed. I find that the quality has changed in the food. The colour, the smell, even the size of the minced/morsels are different. My fussy cat isn't much of a fan anymore. I still buy them on occasion for my other cat. I do love that it is grain-free and has lots of meat. But sure wish it was carrageenan free!
  2. misterwhiskers
    "A 10 out of 10!!"
    Purchase Date:
    Feb 24, 2016
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Ingredients are very good. Cat ate every last drop.
    Cons - A wee bit expensive.
    This a what good cat food should be about. Grain free. First ingredients are deboned meat, which means it's the meat, not the minerals like you might get if it's got bone mixed in.

    Stuff smells good. I was jealous of my cat....nothing from China.

    Cat inhales Merrick I've tried on him, but especially the duck. (I haven't tried many flavors but so far he likes duck and chicken).

    It's a bit expensive; for a close match you can try Merricks cheaper food, Whole Earth farms, which seems identical except instead of deboned meat, it's just listed as "duck" or "turkey" etc...Both are owned by Purina, so I'm hoping the quality stays this good.

    Merrick also has limited ingredient canned for the same price as their regular grain free.