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Mane 'n Tail Shampoo

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  1. Dolly2002
    "Great shampoo and conditioner"
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 1, 2018
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    Pros - They both are 32 oz bottles so they will last a long time. Leaving your companion feeling silky smooth and smelling great.
    Cons - Be careful a little goes a long ways!!! Or you will be rinsing for a long time to get ALL of it out.
    We have been using this product for over 5 years and my son even uses it to for his long hair that goes to his waist as well. It's amazing on human hair it makes brittle hair strong again and leaves human and cat and dog fur feeling so silky smooth and easy to untangle.
  2. Kat0121
    "Good stuff"
    Purchase Date:
    Jul 25, 2014
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - nice smell, leaves coat soft and shiny
    Cons - none
    I have this along with the conditioner that works great as well. It has a nice scent that is not too strong and leaves the coat soft and shiny, especially when used together. It's reasonable priced at Wal Mart. Around $6 for 32 ounces. 
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  3. lamiatron
    "Leaves fur SOFT and SHINY and FLUFFY!!"
    Pros - is scented but does not leave kitty w/ a perfum-y smell, contains proteins essential for hair and fur health, also has moisturizing agents
    Cons - too bad it didn't work for me
    I initially bought this product for myself. I had a horrible hair cut and was searching the market for any product that would help make my hair grow out faster (vitamins, treatments, shampoo & conditioner, etc).

    I came across Straight Arrows's Mane n Tail. Based on the reviews I purchased the Shampoo and Conditioner combo. It was created for use on horses, but humans have used it too with great results. Although it did help to grown out my hair (in conjunction with hair vitamins), after some time it just made me scalp oily (as is the issue with me most often, and the reason why I can't stick with one shampoo for too long). Stopped using it, and since i'm a hoarder I just carried it around with me wherever I moved (I had kept the bottle for over 2 years...I know I need help).

    Cut to the present day. I now have a kitty! hooray! It was bath time for my Charlie, and I did not purchase any specific cat shampoo for him. I remembered I had a bottle of the Mane n' Tale, and since it was initially created for use with animals (if you see on their website it tells you you can use it on cats and dogs too), i decided to try it on him. It left his fur so soft, and fluffy, and shiny! it was like he had kitten fur all over him! The shampoo is scented, but that's only right out of the bottle. It did not leave any scent on Charlie. It left him feeling soft and fluffy for a good 2-3 weeks post bath. I was extremely surprised and happy with the results. I don't think Charlie cares for it much, since he hates baths. For Charlie I did not need to follow with a conditioner. My only negative remark about this item: I wish it worked well on my hair!! I could save so much on Shampoo that way...

    Available through amazon...and most Beauty Supply stores.
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