Luvsome lightweight multi-cat scoopable litter


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Dust free litter, Light, tight clumps for easy scooping.

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Pros: No dust, decent price, very lightweight, odor control ok
Cons: UPDATE: litter doesn't clump at all. :(
UPDATE: Read my comment. This stuff does not clump. What a damn shame. This brand of kitty litter, Luvsomes lightweight clumping litter for multiple cats is made of clay and paper. So far so good. For $7.99 its 10 pounds of litter equal to a 20 pound box. Not in the same ballpark as Dr Elseys but as dr elseys is not a lightweight litter,its hard to compare.

The container is a plastic jug and easy to carry. The only down side is, its so liggt that my cats paws kinda sunk into the,litter. He seemed a little weirded out but still used it.

This litter has a pleasant scent, probably one of the best smelling litters, to be frank; not overpowering, and pouring, had no dust. As in, none. Even less than Dr Elseys! Clumping seems average. Not sure about tracking. My experience with lightweight litters is they do tend to track more than regular clumping litters.

Im happy to have found a more biodegradable litter as well. So far, i recommend Luvsomes litter.