Lotus Just Juicy Grain-Free Canned Cat Food - Various Flavors

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Pros: Lots of juicy, shredded meat, low fat, minimal ingredients, carrageenan and gum free
Cons: A bit carby due to potato starch
I started using Lotus Just Juicy (turkey / pork) almost three months or so after Molly (five year old kitty) was diagnosed with severe IBD.   I tried Instinct's LID formulas - LID turkey and LID duck, however, both were too high in fat for her to tolerate (very messy kitty box). I wanted her on Instinct's LID rabbit, however, I couldn't get her to eat it. :(

I first sampled LJJ pork - she loved it, big chunks of white pork meat. I fed her the pork and then rotated with LJJ turkey.  The turkey was slightly lower in carbs but still over 10% - per the chart LJJ sent me, the turkey, on a DMA is 13.18%, pork: 14.19%.  A few times I drained out the starchy liquid until it occurred to me that I was likely tossing out the vitamins and minerals added to the food. So instead I just picked out the carrots.

She did fine on this food, overall. IBD cats ideally do better on lower fat, lower carb foods and while it's a bit higher in carbs than I would have liked, she produced normal stools, something I was not seeing with the other fattier canned foods. 

I also like that the food is not only carrageenan-free, but gum free as well. Agar agar is used as a thickener but Molly thus far has not had any problem with foods containing agar agar.

We had an issue recently with LJJ, some discolored meat in the turkey formula, however, Lotus was responsive and handled the matter professionally.

For now we are giving LJJ a break, having moved back to Instinct (I finally got her to eat the LID rabbit canned, low fat, low carb and  a more "novel" protein for her, hoping it will help her heal in addition to meds, supplements, etc.).

Unfortunately I can't comment on LJJ chicken formula (the cats are allergic to chicken) and I don't feed them seafood.   LJJ is a good food to have in rotation, especially if other lower carb foods are  being used on a regular basis.  I'm not sure I would use it exclusively again although it did get me out of a pinch, especially when Molly was getting very fussy with many foods - and foods she just couldn't tolerate; LJJ and Weruva's Steak Frites - also carby, were backups I could count on her to eat.