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Logic Oral Hygiene Gel Pet Toothpaste is a true veterinary toothpaste, achieves results without brushing your pets teeth. Whilst brushing the teeth is known to be the most effective means of removing plaque, this is not always possible. Logic oral hygiene gel contains a multi enzyme complex which works on the plaque helping to destroy existing plaque and prevent the formation of new plaque. The gel also contains a mild abrasive, whilst the gel itself boosts the action of saliva. Supplied in a tube with applicator to allow direct application to the teeth. Dosage guideline:br Cats and small dogs 1 cm of gel dailybr Dogs 20 K 5 cm gel.Available in the UK via Amazon.co.uk

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5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
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Pros: My cat loves the taste, and his teeth and gums are healthy when used regularly.
Cons: Not cheap
Mouse has a history of bleeding gums and ulcers / stoma in his mouth and had a number of vet visits for pain and antibiotic treatment as a young cat.  On advice from our vet I started using Logic just before introducing TD prescription food.  Mouse's mouth was still very inflamed and ulcerated but he had had a course of antibiotics and pain relief so severe ulceration and inflammation was reducing.  After initial treatment the prescription diet and oral gel maintained clean teeth and calm looking gums and no veterinary intervention has been required for oral problems in over a year and a half.

Mouse immediately loved the taste  of the gel and would lick from my finger or the silicon brush supplied.  Once his mouth had heeled he quickly got used to a once every day or two brushing in addition to licking from the brush twice a day.  He rapidly learned to respond happily to the call of 'Tooth Time' or just the sound of the tube being taken out of the cup where it is kept.  He jumps up on to the worktop where he gets the paste and comes straight up to the brush. He will actually remind me if I forget and will meow at the tube at supper time if I haven't offered it to him.  I am more than happy that  something I was worried would be a daily torment for him has turned out to be a treat. 

For the first 18 months I used a small amount twice daily but more recently reduced to once a day as his mouth has remained very healthy from around 18 months age  (now 3).  If the oral gel is missed for just one day you can see plaque building up on Mouse's teeth despite the strict TD diet, and if I miss more than 2 days his gums develop sore, red looking edges so there is no question for me that this is well worth the money and the time. I immediately have to go back to twice a day with light brushing until the redness subsides.  Mouse still has all his teeth and appears to be free of oral pain pretty much all the time as long as I am disciplined with the routine; something I didn't dare dream was possible when I saw how sick and in pain he was that first year of his life.  £8 every 3 or 4 months is a small price to pay for something that has this much impact for him.

The vet gave me a small sample for Mouse to try before first purchase to make sure he was OK with it.  I currently get the oral gel from our vet rather than on line supplier.  


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