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Litter Locker II Hygenic Soiled Litter Disposal System

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Energizer Personal Care - Pet
  • The Litter Locker Pail System is proven to help Cat Owners dispose of litter clumps easily and keep their home smelling fresh. Cat Lovers use Litter Locker because soiled cat litter must be scooped from litter on a daily basis. Disposing of soiled litter in your home trash or outside is a nuisance – especially when keeping a clean litter box and controlling odor is of primary concern. The Litter Locker Pail is part of an easy-to-use system that locks in odors.

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  1. vadzilla
    Hmm, we are actually pretty happy with ours, apart from the fact that it fills up pretty quickly, and we only have two cats.
  2. betsygee
    I agree. I have two of them. They contain the odor well, and are easy to dismantle and clean. The cutter for the bags inside the locker is very convenient.
  3. littlegrey
    I concur, this is an awesome product! It really helps so much with cleaning up the litter box, I think it's my one must-have tool (minus the actual litter scooper).
  4. livs2laff
    Absolutely agree! I love my Litter Locker. Wish the bags weren't so expensive, but it works well for my household with 2 cats.
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