Litter Locker II Hygenic Soiled Litter Disposal System

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General Information

The Litter Locker Pail System is proven to help Cat Owners dispose of litter clumps easily and keep their home smelling fresh. Cat Lovers use Litter Locker because soiled cat litter must be scooped from litter on a daily basis. Disposing of soiled litter in your home trash or outside is a nuisance – especially when keeping a clean litter box and controlling odor is of primary concern. The Litter Locker Pail is part of an easy-to-use system that locks in odors.

Latest reviews

Pros: Prevents smell, no countless bags of scooped litter, very convenient
Cons: None
I don't have this exact model, but it works wonders! I live in an apartment so leaving not airtight bags of scooped litter in my kitchen garbage can or anywhere else for that matter was awful. Lugging bags to the dumpster everyday was also a bit of an annoyance. I will say I can see this being not so great for multiple cats as buying the refills may be too costly as the bag can fill up fast, but not too fast for my liking or that it's a waste of money for my single kitten. I think it was money well spent on my part and makes cleaning up more to my liking. My biggest reason that led to my buying a unit in the first place was the lingering odor grocery store bags didn't keep in. As soon as I got this home and started using it I was thrilled with how it kept the smell inside and not throughout my apartment. As a bonus, my kitten enjoys watching me clean his litterbox and hiding the stinky stuff in this magic box! :lol3: If I'm headed that way, he races ahead and sits next to the box waiting for me. :)
Pros: Contains odors very well
Cons: not suited for multicat households container isn't that large intended for 1-2 cats
You can get a build up of clumping goop in shovel holder other than that it serves it's purpose, bags are long skinny 

tubular goes forever - refill bag disk around 8.00 can take a bit of time organizing setting up other than that it's very handy.
Pros: Convenient, compact size
Cons: Small expensive refills, poor-to-fair odor control
After four months of use, I personally wouldn't recommend the Litter Locker II. We had the Litter Locker I for over 13 years and were very satisfied. Unfortunately, it became impossible to get refills here, so I ordered version II. It's more cheaply made (thinner plastic), doesn't hold in odors nearly as well as version I with the wheel, and the expensive refills don't last long at all (2 - 3 weeks, as opposed to 2 - 3 months for the version I refills, for one cat). I found myself disposing of the "bag" every other day because of the smell, which wasn't the case with version I. Right now I'm using 25-liter odor-shield bags attached to an empty refill ring by a rubber band, which is an improvement.

Edited two years later: I've thrown the LL II out, having been completely disappointed with the odor control and tired of rigging odor-shield bags which get thrown out when they're not even half full. It's been replaced by a 7-liter/quart plastic waste paper basket with a tight lid that works even better.