Litter-Lifter Kitty Litter Scoop for Cats Assorted Color

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Pros: Picks up tiny clumps, sturdy, large for quick scooping
Cons: none
I didn't think the scoop mattered much until I tried this one. Boy, did it make a difference! My cat likes to dig in his box A LOT! Which most of the time results in tiny pieces of used litter scattered throughout the box and the scoop I had before did absolutely nothing to pick those pieces up. I had to put on gloves every day and hand pick used litter by hand, yuk! This scoop is really good at picking up those pieces, I didn't have to put on gloves since starting using it and the litter box stays really clean for significantly longer. I could not be happier. It's also a pretty big scoop so it's much faster to go through entire box which is also a plus.
5.00 star(s)
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Pros: durable, fast scooping, bright color, works with corn litter
Cons: none
I wish I would have found this litter scoop sooner!  After the scoop I was using for years (Four Paws Hand Guard litter scoop) finally broke, I read reviews in Catster Magazine for the Litter Lifter.  It looked like it would be easy for me to use, considering my upper body weakness due to a rare birth defect, so I bought one at Petco. 

Man, the first time I used this litter scoop, I was hooked!  The scoop is big, but as soon as you scoop, all the unused litter just falls quickly back into the cat box.  You don't have to shake the scoop to make this happen.  Plus, the Litter Lifter also picked up the super tiny pieces that my old scoop couldn't pick up at all.  This made it a lot easier to clean the litter box completely. Plus, I also noticed that nothing sticks to this litter scoop, so the scoop stays clean too. The Litter Lifter also works with natural scoopable litter like corn and wheat.  I also liked that this scoop came in bright colors, so someone with vision problems can see it easily, such as seniors with cats.  If you have an indoor cat, this Litter Lifter scoop is a must!
Pros: sturdy; effective
Cons: a bit large
If you've never tried this scoop, you are missing out.  It is very sturdy (I have yet to replace one), and using a traditional scoop after getting used to the Litter Lifter is absolute torture.  You simply lift the scoop up, and the clean litter just falls down, no shaking required.  It is extremely quick and easy to use.

Since the scoop is rather large/wide, it does work best in more rectangular boxes.  It can be difficult to clean the edges of a round box.  It is also a tiny bit large for the opening of the Litter Genie, which is a tad inconvenient.
Pros: Fast to use, gets the small stuff out
Cons: Won't last forever
Had mine for over a year and a half.  It's easy to use, gets the small stuff out, and the litter sifts through faster.  It's getting some cracks in it.  I'll use it till it breaks and when it does I'll just have to go get another one. 
Pros: Strong yet light, able to get the job done more quickly than other scoops
Cons: negligable, really.
Several good points about this special scoop:

--Sturdy, lasts a long time. I've heard others complain their scoops never last long due to breakage. But I've been using my first litter lifter for at least 6 months and there's no sign of it bending even with twice/day scooping heavy clay litter.

--Light! I've never used plastic scoops before, only used the metal scoop, and though I love it, it feels quite heavy if you have a lot of litter to go through and have multiple boxes.

--No need to "shake"! The way the slots are designed on this scoop, you don't have to "shake" the scoop, the clean litter just slides right through between the tines. And the added plus--no urine clumps falling apart.

--Fast! Because you're not busy shaking the litter off the scoop, you're done scooping in a matter of a minute or two, literally! When I first got this scoop, I felt like I was scooping in half the time that I used to.

--Gets those mini clumps out. The slots measure about 3/16 inch (4.76 mm), so it will catch a lot of those smaller pieces of litter. With the metal scoop, it measured almost 4/16 of an inch (6.35 mm)

1/2 star off for it not being able to catch the teensy tiny bits of litter, but I'm probably just OCD about it. I guess I could use a little plastic spoon on the side to catch those itty bitty bits if I really wanted to. If the slots were any narrower, it probably wouldn't be able to sift through anything but dusty litter.