Lean-it Scratching Post Wide 20-Inch, Colors May Vary

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Pros: Cats love it, perfect for carpet scratchers
Cons: Not the most stable thing, I have to pick it up multiple times a week.
One of my cats really loves to scratch carpet, this was a great alternative to having my bedroom carpet scratched up. It does tip over fairly frequently though, but my cats aren't too picky and will use it at any angle.
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Pros: Can be used leaning or flat; looks nice
Cons: Carpet will eventually wear; colors may vary
My cat Indy does not seem to know what the sisal posts on his cat tree are for, even though I tried to show him, and even put catnip on them.  He does love his cardboard scratching "boxes" but they come in weird colors/designs that you can't choose if you order online like I do.  I actually found this carpeted scratching post at PetCo.com (where it is currently on sale from about $22 down to about $13) and decided to give it a try.  Indy loved it from the moment I opened the box (after he played in the box, of course).

I tried leaning it up against the wall, but he was playing so vigorously with it, it soon fell over.  No matter, he loves it on the floor, too!  He can't walk past it without hopping on and taking a good scratch, attacking it, or even just lying on it. 

It is nicer looking than the cardboard box type, although I'm sure it won't look as nice as time goes by and the carpet starts to wear.  When it starts looking too shabby, we have some leftover carpet remnants from our basement that my husband can probably adapt to recover the post.