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KONG Straw Ball Teaser Cat Toy

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  1. abyeb
    "Doesn't Survive a Rough Play Session"
    Pros - Fun for cats to chase; good for exercise
    Cons - Feathers come out way too easily; poorly attached
    Charlie was definitely excited by this toy. The feathers fluttered when I made the toy swoop and dive like a real bird, which made his hunting instincts, and excitement for the toy, even stronger. Unfortunately, when Charlie caught the toy, he proceeded to "kill it" by pulling the feathers out with ease. I managed to get the feathers away from Charlie by giving him food to munch on while I picked up the feathers. Feathers could pose a serious health risk when swallowed, so if you get this toy, I'd recommend first removing all the feathers (which your cat will likely do anyway) and then just playing with the straw ball teaser, which, cats are still fascinated by.
    kittens mom purraised this.
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