KONG Chase Craze Toy

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Pros: Looked like a fun toy, colorful
Cons: LOUD, Not functional, cats don't play with it
I was looking for a toy that would occupy my cats when I couldn't play with them. They have a couple of toys with balls in/on a track, so I thought this would be a nice change. I was prepared for it to make some noise but this was unbearable. As it turned out, I wouldn't have to endure it anyway because neither cat had any interest in it whatsoever. The idea is that the cats can push the toy(or I can push it) across the floor and chase the feather and pounce the balls as they move and jingle. The toy doesn't not move well across any type of surface.and the feather is more of a hindrance than anything else, as it constantly gets stuck under the balls. The feather would, inevitably, become detached, either from getting caught underneath or from any interaction the cats might have with it. This toy looked interesting and, in theory, seems like a good idea. However, in practice, it just doesn't work. I, personally, find that a lot of Kong toys end up that way.