KONG Cat Toy, Duckie Catnip Toy

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  1. PushPurrCatPaws
    "Kong's refillable toys"
    Pros - When filled with catnip, a very fun toy for cats to chomp on, and also to bunny-kick to death. Relatively durable.
    Cons - Might need catnip in order to be interesting to a cat.
    We got this duckie toy for our cat sometime in 2015. It looked a bit different than in the picture shown in the Review here, but only in that it had yellow fake fur on top of its head instead of the two strings shown here -- and my cat ate the fake hair. It also had a much longer "nose" (so that it looked like a nose and not a like duck bill -- so we named it "Schnozz"). The catnip smell faded fairly quickly, so we replaced the nip with a little plastic squeaker and used it to make fun sounds for the cat. Of course, we can still refill it with catnip in the future, which is the main benefit of these Kong toys!