KONG Cat Moppy Kickeroo Catnip Toy

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Pros: Durable
Cons: None
Bought this toy five years ago when my kitty was a kitten.  It was too big for him, but he still carried it around with him.  He's never really played with it, but it's his comfort toy and he carries it around at night howling like it's his prize.  I call it his 'woobie'.
Autumn Angel attacks this instead of my hand and arm when I brush her.  Fun to watch and cats love it.
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Pros: Its durable & soft
I bought BB this because I thought it was soft and fuzzy the kinda thing she would like to grab hold of and chew and bite as she does some many of her toys  . But when I took the packaging off it and threw it too her ... She no liked !  She hasnt touched it from the spot I first placed it in 
   It was a large toy and made very durable for the price but as far as my BB goes i should have just laid $6.99 in the floor and she would have liked that better .