KONG Cat Cozie Kickeroo Assorted Catnip Toys

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Pros: my cat loes them; they crinkle; they are good for teething and play agression; fairly inexpensive
Cons: my cat keeps hiding them
These are great toys.  They are sturdy, inexpensive, crinkle, cats love them, and they are great for teething and play aggression.   My only issue is that my cat keeps hiding hers...
Pros: interested cats; they had lots of fun with it
Cons: none
I got a couple of these for my cats.  They adore them.  I got them a few months ago and they still play with them regularly.
Pros: durable
One of my cats carries this around like a teddy bear sometimes, and sleeps with it near his head. It's really cute, he's had it for years and has become attached. Only one of my adult cats actually used it for kicking.
I'm going to admit that I am not totally sure that this toy actually has catnip in it. My cats don't react like it does. We bought the toy when it was on sale for $2 so it was a good deal. The cats got this as a Christmas present and love carrying it around. It is more of a carrying toy than one that an adult cat can actually grab onto and kick. 
Pros: Holds up well, crinkley noise, good sized.
Cons: A little pricey for what it is, but it holds up better than cheaper stuffed toys.
I've got a couple of these for my kitties. They sometimes play with them on their own, but prefer that I throw them up in the air so they can jump up and catch them. The cats also like to stalk them when I move them like a mouse trying to sneak away. They also like to "wubby" them (what I call the bunny kicking). The toys hold up well and I haven't had to do any repairs yet. I hadn't noticed any catnip effect really, but I imagine there isn't much in there and it has degraded quite a bit since they were made.
Pros: He can play with it on his own when I'm not around. Inexpensie. Holds up to rough play.
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This is definately one of my cat's favorite toys. If I rub it on his belly he grabs it with his front paws and bunny kicks it with his back feet. It's lightweight enough that he can bat it around the floor and chase it. He likes the crinkly noise it makes too.

He likes to snuggle with it too. One night he got out of bed, got the Kickeroo,and then hopped back in bed with it. I have a few different ones, but for some reason he prefers the frog.