Kitty Kat Rescue - Mesa, AZ

Kitty Kat Rescue

General Information

Our mission is to place homeless and unwanted cats in safe, loving and forever homes. Our cats and kittens will be spayed or neutered before adoption, have current vaccinations, be tested for FELV and be ear-mite free. Since we are a rescue it is impossible for us to do any other testing than what is included above. We strongly suggest that any cat or kitten adopted from us or any other organization be taken to your local vet and checked out also. Kitty Kat Rescue will only adopt out cats and kittens that are healthy to our knowledge. Kitty Kat Rescue will always give a follow-up call after adoption to make sure that all is well with the new pet in it's new home. Mesa, AZ. 85206480-236-9453


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