Kitty Boinks 10-Pack Pet Toy

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  1. kittyoreo90
    "Fun, just easy to lose"
    Pros - Cheap and my cat loved them for a bit.
    Cons - Cat lost interest quickly, very easy to lose.
    So if you have a spoiled, easily bored cat, this is a fun new thing for them to smack around the floor. Unfortunately their small, light material makes them extremely easy to lose under furniture and appliances.
  2. sargon
    "Another inexpensive toy that is a big hit with my cat!"
    Pros - cheap; easy for cats to carry and manipulate; not generally a swallowing risk; fun for fetch; stick liek shape is fun for my cat (she loves sticks...)
    Cons - none, really
    I bought a couple of these at a pet food store recently, and my cat loves them. I throw them, and she'll fetch them and play for a lot longer than most toys (because they are so easy for her to grab and carry, I assume).
  3. jessie gray
    "great for clicker training"
    Pros - flexible, inexpensive, colorful
    Cons - none
    I am doing clicker training with my 6 year old cat Angie, and we are at the stage where she is learning to bring stuff back to me when I click the clicker.  These Kitty Boinks are perfect for that!  I love that I can flick on down the hallway of my apartment and Angie can pick them up easily to bring them back to me.  My new kitten also loves them and bats them all over the apartment. Plus, they are inexpensive, so you can buy a lot of them for times when the cat bats them under the couch and you don't feel like moving the couch to retrieve them.  I have donated several Kitty Boinks to a local animal shelter for the cats and kittens to play with, and they love them.  They are a great inexpensive toy for any cat.
  4. plan
    "My cat doesn't seem interested"
    Purchase Date:
    Jan 30, 2016
    Pros - They're cheap -- you can buy them individually for $1 each at pet stores
    Cons - My cat didn't really know what to make of them and lost interest quickly
    I got some Kitty Boinks for my cat, Bud, after a TCS member mentioned them in a thread, and googling them to see what the fuss was about. Some cats do seem to like them -- there are videos showing cats playing with them, rabbit-kicking them like prey, and chewing on them. They certainly looked like they'd be a hit. However, the "boink" part of it isn't something cats can really do, since it would take some serious paw-eye coordination and a flat (or somewhat flat) surface to bounce them off of.

    Anyway, I bought six of them at a local pet shop for .99 each and brought them home, along with a new wand toy. Bud was mildly curious about the Kitty Boinks, but was much more interested in the wand toy. I've tried several times to incorporate the Kitty Boinks into playtime, without much luck. As with any cat toy, Your Mileage May Vary.
  5. jcat
    "Great for cats that like to chase and fetch"
    Pros - More pliable than drinking straws, fly through the air when compressed and released
    Boinks are flexible braided "straws" that come in a variety of colors, patterns and two sizes. They're perfect for cats that love to chase or carry regular drinking straws because they offer a little something extra - you can compress them in your hand or against a surface, release them and watch them fly through the air. Our cat will chew just about anything he can sink his teeth into, and regular straws tend to split. Boinks don't. Apparently it's a lot of fun to hide these plastic tubes behind furniture, under rugs, etc., so it's a good idea to buy them by the pack.
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