KitNipBox Cat Goodies Subscriptions


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Monthly subscription for fun cat boxes filled with cat goodies: treats, toys and more!

Latest reviews

Pros: exciting cat products in each box, cats love it
Cons: sometimes the items in the box area bit lame
I have been subscribed to this box since right after we adopted our first cat in March. Our cat and now our kitten as well enjoy these boxes each month. When the boxes arrive the cats will sniff them impatiently until they are opened. The boxes have the toys wrapped up in tissue which is very nice. I love the flexible subscription options as well. You can order two different types of boxes one for just one cat and one for multiple. There is also one that doesn't include cat treats for cats that are allergic. We order one that does not include treats since our three year old cat is too picky about treats. We have so many toys now from these boxes. We also sometimes get other pet supplies that are fun to have around. Some of the items are kind of lame, but that's just because of the cats I have. I love the customer service with the company they get back to me quickly if I contact them.  I love how much my cats enjoy getting the box each month. It is definitely worth the price. 

Most of the toys have catnip so if your cat isn't into catnip it wouldn't be a great box for them to have.


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