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K&H Pet Bed Warmer

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K&H Manufacturing
  • Pet Bed Warmer turns any pet bed into a cozier place to be! Available in 3 sizes, each utilizing dual thermostats for added comfort. It can be placed inside virtually any pet bed and is easy to use: Just plug it in! Designed to warm only when inside your pet's bed. Intended for indoor use only. Small: 9 1/2 x 9 1/2" (4 watts), Medium: 6 x 20" (6 watts), Large: 11 x 24" (13 watts). State Size. Order yours today! Pet Bed Warmer

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  1. susank521
    Update.... We've been using these same pads for 3 years and they are still performing perfectly and have purchased five more (two of the large size, 11x24 13 watt, and 3 mediums) since the original review 2 years ago. All of the cats, especially the geriatric ones, enjoy the gentle heat and some of the pads run year-round now.
  2. catsallaround
    on petsmart.com search k h as amazing sale going on at moment.  13.49 for this one and others are on huge sale.  Got my cats a bed one for 22.39 and they are in LOVE
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