JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail Clipper

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JW Pet
Pros: cuts easily
Cons: finger holes a bit small
I agree with the above review. While the clippers themselves work well and reliably cut smoothly and quickly, if I want to put two fingers inside of a hole to steady the clippers, it can be a bit of a tight fit. I have small hands too, so I imagine average sized people may find the finger holes less comfortable, especially if they like to hold these the way you would regular scissors using two fingers in one side. I've had these for about 8 months and they still cut with the same quality and predictability (no noticeable dulling or unevenness) as when I first bought them.
Pros: cuts easily, good grip
Cons: very small finger holes
These are some pretty basic cat nail clippers. They are easy to use and to hold onto while I am trying to cut through nails. They also arrived plenty sharp enough to cut through the nails with ease rather than taking a long time to get through each one. One thing that might be a problem for some people is how small the finger holes are. I have small hands so these are the perfect size, but if my hands were much bigger they wouldn't work at all.