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Litter & Accessories

Jonny Cat Fragrance-Free Litter

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  1. Jojo&Tutu
    "This is really good litter"
    Pros - Doesn't stick to paws or fur -nonclumping low to no dust no odor. Easy to remove poop. Tutu likes it too
    Cons - It isclaynot flushable. Batch from chewy is dark gray from a different processing plant and clay though processed the same. I like the lighter batch available at local cvs, groceries and local pet shops. So far kitty likes it too.
    Kitty likes it and so do I. No perfume scent, no odor from kitty pee or poop,no to low dust, smaller grains not sharp but not so fine as to be dusty. So far so good. I used to use Fresh Step extreme but it is not made and they only have scented which burned my eyes so I found Jonny Cat a good alternative.
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