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Iris CLH-12 Open-Top Litter Box with Shield and Scoop

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  1. EmmiTemmi
    "First and Only Litter Box"
    Pros - Easy to clean, Cats like it, Good size
    Cons - Included scoop very small
    This is the first litter box I bought when I adopted my first cat. Worked so well for me and Colby that I got another of the same box a month later when I adopted another cat. The scoop it comes with is a little small, but I use the larger scoop that came with my littergenie anyway, so it's no big deal. Easy to clean, and certainly keeps my boys from kicking their litter all over the place. I'd highly recommend this.
  2. roguethecat
    "really good."
    Pros - preferred by 5 of 5 cats. inexpensive. durable. perfect for multi-cat households.
    Cons - Scoop too small and I wish the plastic was BPA-free, but you can't have everything.
    Yes. This is the box I have multiple of, one in use and two more in storage in case they are needed for emergencies.

    Used with the right litter (Dr Elsey's, 99.9 % dust-free) and in the right way (lots of litter, proper diet so the poop doesn't smell) it's a breeze to clean.

    Also best for multi-cat households with crazy inhabitants, because it's hard to corner someone in a box that is open on top.

    It's big enough for the Rogue, who's more pig than cat. 

    Oh, the scoop is too small (especially for what the Rogue produces). That box is cheap enough you can afford to toss the scoop and get yourself a large metal one.
  3. NewYork1303
    "Good Litter Box, The Side Shield is Brilliant"
    Pros - Cats can't kick litter everywhere
    Cons - Litter gets between shield and bottom part of box
    I bought this litter box after we discovered that our newly adopted cat wouldn't use a covered box. Since he kicks litter everywhere, I needed a box that would have a high edge but no cover. I love this box since it keeps my cats from kicking litter all over the place. The only problem that I have with it is that since the shield comes on and off litter can get between the two making it so the fit isn't quite right. Its always annoying to have to get the litter out to put the shield on correctly.
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