Interactive and Automated WANTi Cat Toy

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General Information

A highly interactive cat toy with 6 game modes provides great fun for both pet owners and cats! Let this innovative, interesting yet irresistible interactive kitty toy be a great addition to your home.

To satisfy your furry friends' curiosity, have a WANTi with 6 amusing cat games in one toy - high catch fishing, low feather wand frisky pounce, worm paw swat, batting fight, rolling ball tracking, and remote control. It is built with randomization features and to stimulate the natural hunting instincts of your kittens. The cat's paw-shape remote control is made for simple operation; turn left button, turn right button, and Auto Play button. Also, its 10 minutes timer feature enables the auto teasing mode and turns off after 10 minutes of use. The design of both the toy and the remote control are pleasing to the eyes as they are embellished with fresh light green color that imitating cats' eyes.


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