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I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

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  1. herecomesoliver
    "I Could Pee on This:And Other Poems by Cats"
    Pros - Very well written and too funny.
    Cons - None
    My daughter gave me this book as gift. I absolutely love it. It is too funny. I never get tired of reading it again. I absolutely love the book and highly recommend it.
    The photos are clear and high quality. Really beautiful photos.
    The book is hardcover, well printed and well designed.
    It makes a perfect gift for any cat lover.
  2. angelsmom1988
    "Best Gift I Have Ever received"
    Pros - Captures the feline purrsonality purrectly
    Cons - Too short!
    I received the book, I Could Pee on This, as a gift from my best friend.  As soon as I saw that the sequel, I Could Pee on This, Too,  was in print, I had to buy it. My spouse and I read the new book the day it arrived.  I couldn't imagine that Marciuliano would top I Could Pee on This, but he really did. And my cat is very upset to find that her secrets have been let out of the bag.

    I bet you cannot read just one!
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  3. mrsty
    "Made us laugh"
    Pros - Funny
    My husband and I both read this and laughed, even at a sad time when our cat was peeing on everything cause she was sick. I bought a copy for my sister-in-law who is involved In a rescue as a birthday gift and she made a point to call and tell us how much she enjoyed it.
  4. shadowsrescue
    "So funny!"
    Pros - very light hearted and so true. Will make any cat lover laugh and laugh
    I received this as a birthday gift and so enjoyed reading it.  My son and I used to share a few passages each day.  If you have cats you will laugh and laugh.  A great gift for any cat lover.
  5. pinkdagger
    "Cute and well humoured"
    Pros - most cat lovers will appreciate the reality
    My boyfriend received this for Christmas last year. It's pretty much a given for any cat owner. It's nice and short for those who aren't big on books or can't find the time to read (you could call it a "bathroom read"), it's image-heavy, and it doesn't require a lot of time or thinking.

    They're cute poems that aren't far off from the reality of having a cat. Does very well to illustrate the frustrations of being owned by cats and the things we let slip just because they are cats and they are cute. Each one is accompanied by a cute kitten photo, and just like in real life, at the end of the day the book makes the point that despite it all, these are still our sweet, adorable, and loveable cats and that what they do is what makes them so charming.
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